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We’ve been a part of it right from the very beginning – For 125 years!

1890Arthur Pfeiffer founds the company in Wetzlar, Germany
1908Pfeiffer invents and brings to market the "oleo-pneumatic pump"
1926Pfeiffer numbers among the leaders in vacuum technology
1958Pfeiffer invents and brings to market the turbomolecular pump, which comes to be known as a generic class of pumps – the "turbopump"
1996Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is the first medium-sized German corporation to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange
1998Pfeiffer Vacuum receives its second listing, on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange's "Neuer Markt" (today the TecDAX)
2000DigiLine – the first fully digital line of vacuum gauges
2002Pfeiffer Vacuum brings a magnetically coupled line of rotary vane pumps to market
2003HiMag – the first mag-lev turbopump with integrated drive system
2004Pfeiffer Vacuum brings the XtraDry to market – a new two-stage reciprocating vacuum pump
2005Pfeiffer Vacuum brings the OnTool Booster to market – a new high-vacuum pump that works against atmosphere
200610th anniversary IPO at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
2007Biggest order in company history in double digit million Euro range for systems to manufacture thin-layer solar cells
Delisting from New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
PentaLine – new generation of rotary vane pumps
2008Pfeiffer Vacuum brings the HiPace 10 - 2,000 l/s class – the new Dimension in Vacuum Technology
2009Pfeiffer Vacuum brings the HiCube – modular pumping station for clean vacuum
Pfeiffer Vacuum brings the OmniStar und ThermoStar – the new gas analysis systems
2010Pfeiffer Vacuum acquires Trinos Vakuum-Systeme GmbH
Pfeiffer Vacuum now 120 years old
HiPace M – Compact, magnetically levitated turbopumps
Pfeiffer Vacuum acquires Alcatel-Lucent's Vacuum Technology Unit "adixen"
2012Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces MiniTest - a portable helium leak detector for industrial applications
2013Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces ASM 340 - Best in class leak detector
Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces a unique in-process contamination management system for particle contamination monitoring in the semiconductor industry
2014Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces OktaLine ATEX - world's first magnetically coupled and ATEX certified Roots pumps
Pfeiffer Vacuum introduces new A4 series - dry, multi-stage Roots pumps
2015Pfeiffer Vacuum now 125 years old
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