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Here you will find frequently asked questions about Pfeiffer Vacuum.

What is the listing history of Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG?
On July 16, 1996, Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG was the third German company ever, and the first German small business, to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (Trading Symbol PV). In April 1998, the Company conducted a dual listing on the Neuer Markt segment at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange without any capital increase. From January 1, 2003, Pfeiffer Vacuum was included to the Prime Standard at Deutsche Boerse, Frankfurt (Trading Symbol PFV). Since March 24, 2003, Pfeiffer Vacuum is part of the TecDAX index, combining 30 of the most important technology driven companies listed in Frankfurt. In the year 2007, the company decided to delist from the NYSE. The ADR trading was suspended on October 4, 2007. The deregistration became effective at the beginning of January 2008.

What was the Initial Public Offering price in New York?
The IPO price was US$ 11.50 per ADR. Today, factoring in the capitalization measures that have since been conducted, this would represent a price of € 6.26 per no-par share.

Which corporate actions were accomplished since the IPO?
Please find a table of all corporate actions here (PDF ~ 38 KB).

How many shares are in circulation?
In total, 9,867,659 bearer shares are outstanding. This represents a share capital of € 25,261,207.04. The pro-rata amount of one share equals the calculated value of € 2.56.

What is the Shareholder Structure?
Please find an overview of the shareholder structure according to the current voting rights notifications here.

Which is the Pfeiffer Vacuum Security Identification Code?
ISIN: DE 0006916604

Does Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG pursue a specific dividend policy?
Since more than 10 years Pfeiffer Vacuum wants its shareholders to participate in the Company's earnings by distributing a dividend. In general, the yearly dividend increase is related to the increase of the net income. In the past years about 75 percent of net income were distributed to the shareholders. For an overview about the dividend history please click here (PDF ~ 135 KB).

Does a rating exist for Pfeiffer Vacuum?
Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is not subject to any offi cial rating by Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s or similar agencies.

Which market segments are of special importance for you?
In the semiconductor industry we not only focus on equipment manufacturer in the USA but also to an increasing degree on production plants in Asia. The reliability of our products and their durability in demanding processes are the reason for our success in this market segment.

Pfeiffer Vacuum also serves a broad and heterogeneous number of customers in different industries that need vacuum technology within their production processes. This includes a variety of applications in the fields of metallurgy, leak detection, steel degassing, electron beam welding, freeze and vacuum drying.

The coating business plays another major role for us. We supply our products to the manufacturers of architectural glass and wear protection. The coating of films, optical lenses, headlights and reflectors is done under vacuum, too. Moreover, all major producers of CD and DVD systems rely on the proven quality of Pfeiffer Vacuum pumps and components. The solar technology is of growing importance.

We are a supplier to the Analytical industry (manufacturers of analytical instruments, among others for doping control, surface analysis and quality assurance). Our major OEM customers are located in Germany, England, USA and Japan.

Customers in research & development are of importance for us, too. We supply pumps and components to institutes of physics and chemistry at all major universities worldwide as well as to privately held R&D institutes and to the large multinational research institutes. We have a high reputation as supplier of high tech vacuum pumps in this segment.

Its one of the strengths of Pfeiffer Vacuum neither to depend on one market segment, nor on a region or product.

How many production sites does Pfeiffer Vacuum have?
We produce in Germany at our production site and headquarters in Asslar as well as in Goettingen. In France we have a production site in Annecy. In addition to that we also produce in Asan (Southkorea) and in Cluj (Rumania).

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