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Share Highlights

Number of shares issuedin units9,869,6599,869,6599,867,6599,867,6598,970,600
Highest trading pricein €99.5595.00104.590.9760.59
Lowest trading pricein €76.5066.3158.5352.5236.11
Trading price at year-endin €98.9391.5767.6288.0058.50
Market capitalization* at year-endin millions of €976903667868498
Dividend per sharein €2.65**3.453.152.902.45
Dividend per yieldin %2.7**
Earnings per sharein €3.534.594.194.403,24

*Value based upon Deutsche Börse’s free-float definition
**Subject to the consent of the Annual General Meeting

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