Pfeiffer Vacuum


Formula 1-1
Barometer formula
Formula 1-2
Barometer formula number
Formula 1-3
Definition of pressure
Formula 1-4
General gas equation
Formula 1-5
Gas pressure
Formula 1-6
Probable velocity
Formula 1-7
Mean velocity
Formula 1-8
Mean free path
Formula 1-9
Knudsen number
Formula 1-10
Reynolds number
Formula 1-11
pV flow
Formula 1-12
Definition of volume flow rate, or pumping speed
Formula 1-13
Vacuum pump throughput
Formula 1-14
Definition of conductivity
Formula 1-15
Parallel connection conductivities
Formula 1-16
Series connection conductivities
Formula 1-17
Formula 1-18
Gas dynamic flow
Formula 1-19
Orifice conductivity
Formula 1-20
Orifice flow
Formula 1-21
Laminar pipe flow
Formula 1-22
Molecular pipe flow
Formula 1-23
Molecular pipe conductivity
Formula 1-24
Formula 1-25
Desorption from plastic material
Formula 1-26
Formula 1-27
Leakage rate
Formula 1-28
Ultimate pressure (t)
Formula 2-1
Compression ratio
Formula 2-2
Pump combination gas flow
Formula 2-3
Backflow conductivity
Formula 2-4
Real compression ratio
Formula 2-5
Recursion pumping speed
Formula 2-6
Water vapor tolerance
Formula 2-7
Water vapor capacity
Formula 2-8
Roots pump power input
Formula 2-9
Turbopump K0
Formula 2-10
Turbopump pumping speed
Formula 2-11
Turbopump Seff
Formula 2-12
Specific pumping speed
Formula 2-13
Holweck stage pumping speed
Formula 2-14
Holweck stage compression ratio
Formula 2-15
Ultimate pressure
Formula 4-1
Quadrupole deflection voltage
Formula 4-2
Stability parameter a
Formula 4-3
Stability parameter q
Formula 4-4
Stability condition U
Formula 4-5
Stability condition V
Formula 4-6
High-pass condition
Formula 4-7
Shot orifice
Formula 4-8
Shot angle
Formula 4-9
Maximum acceleration voltage Uzmax
Formula 4-10
HF power
Formula 4-11
Formula 4-12
Ion current
Formula 5-1
Leakage rate conversion with differential pressure measurement
Formula 7-1
Roots pump gas load
Formula 7-2
K0 of a Roots pump
Formula 7-3
K0 laminar
Formula 7-4
K0 molecular
Formula 7-5
S1 for Δpd << pv
Formula 7-6
S against high pressure
Formula 7-7
S against low pressure
Formula 7-8
Pump-down time
Formula 7-9
Calculation of the condensation surface area
Formula 7-10
Diffusion coefficient (T)
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