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Table 1.1
Total pressure and composition of air at 20 °C and 50 % relative humidity
Table 1.2
Pressure ranges / Molecular number density
Table 1.3
Conversion table for units of pressure
Table 1.4
Molar masses and mean thermal velocities of various gases
Table 1.5
Mean free paths of various gases at 0 °C
Table 1.6
Conversion table for units of flow, length and temperature
Table 2.1
HenaLine™ performance data
Table 2.2
UnoLine™ Plus performance data
Table 2.3
PentaLine™ performance data
Table 2.4
DuoLine™ performance data
Table 2.5
Duo M series performance data
Table 2.6
Duo C series and Duo MC series perfomance data
Table 2.7
Oil types for backing pumps and Roots pumps
Table 2.8
Diaphragm pump performance data
Table 2.10
HeptaDry™ series connections
Table 2.11
HeptaDry™ performance data
Table 2.12
OktaLine™ performance data
Table 2.13
OnTool™ Booster performance data
Table 2.14
Comparison between turbopumps and turbo drag pumps
Table 2.15
HiPace™ performance data
Table 2.16
Drives and power supplies
Table 3.1
Transmitters and vacuum gauges
Table 3.2
Pressure sensor selection table
Table 4.1
Filament materials and their employment
Table 4.2
Detectors and their attributes
Table 4.3
Various gas inlet systems and their attributes
Table 5.1
SmartTest leak detector selection table
Table 6.1
O-ring groove dimensioning table for axial, static seals
Table 6.2
Comparison of sealing materials
Table 7.1
Volume flow rate (pumping speed) of a Roots pumping station
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