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2.4.2 Applications

Dry piston pumps have higher pumping speeds than those offered by diaphragm pumps, and are used where a clean, hydrocarbon-free vacuum is required when operating near ultimate pressure. Eliminating the inlet valve enables lower base pressures to be reached than with diaphragm pumps. Like all true positive-displacement pumps, piston pumps have the same pumping speed for all gases.

Piston pumps are suitable for use as dry backing pumps for turbomolecular pumps. However to prevent enrichment of hydrogen and water vapor in the backing vacuum area of the turbopump, they must be operated with gas ballast if necessary. Piston pumps are particularly well suited for analytical applications and for leak detectors (see also 5.2, Design of a helium leak detector). If the test specimens are directly evacuated by the backing pump for leak detection, they cannot be contaminated with oil vapor when a dry backing pump is used.

Piston pumps are not suitable for pumping corrosive or abrasive media.

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