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2.1.2 Pumping speed and throughput

Pumping speed S (Formula 1-12) is the mean volume flow through the cross section of the inlet port of a vacuum pump. In the volume flow rate diagram, it is applied as a factor of the inlet pressure of the pump. The pump's maximum achievable pumping speed is always referred to as its rated pumping speed. Determination of the pumping speed is described in base standard ISO 21360-1. Pumping speed is indicated in m3/ s. The units of m3/ h, l / s and l / min are also customary.

Throughput qpV (Formula 1-13) denotes the gas throughput in a vacuum pump as a function of inlet pressure. It is indicated in Pa · l / s or mbar · l / s. In the case of pumping stations that consist of gas-displacement pumps, the throughput of all pumps will be the same.

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