Pfeiffer Vacuum Accessories

Dust separators (STP, STR, STZ)

If the process produces dust, the pump must be installed downstream from a dust separator. Different versions are available, depending upon the degree of contamination of the pumpeddown gases and molecule size.

Condensate separator (KAS)

Condensates can form in the inlet and outlet lines of a vacuum system when pumping down vapors. To protect the pump against these condensates, we recommend providing a condensate separator in both the inlet and outlet lines.

Oil mist separator (ONF)

Oil mist separators are mounted on the outlet port of rotary vane vacuum pumps. They prevent the air from being contaminated by the oil mist that the pump discharges in greater or lesser quantities, depending upon operating pressure. The filter consists of cylindrical filter elements and an aluminum housing with oil collection chamber.

Oil return system (ORF)

The ORF oil return system was developed for collecting and returning pump oil mist. It helps to reduce operating costs, particularly when special oils are being used for fluorine and nuclear technology applications. In this process, the oil accumulating in the ONF is collected in a container and returned into the vacuum pump by a feed pump.

Zeolite trap (ZFO)

A zeolite trap uses adsorption to prevent the backflow of hydrocarbons from rotary vane vacuum pumps to downstream high vacuum components. The adsorption agent can be regenerated by baking it out at 300 °C. The regeneration intervals will depend upon the process in question.

Catalytic trap (URB)

A catalytic trap prevents the backflow of hydrocarbons from single- or two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps. This is accomplished through catalytic incineration of hydrocarbons at an operating temperature of 250 °C to form CO2 and water vapor. The oxygen that is admitted into the process chamber through periodic venting suffices for self-regeneration. This means that the regeneration intervals are independent of the process in question. Water cooling is required for direct installation of the traps on the inlet ports and / or for use on single-stage rotary vane pumps.

Activated carbon filters (FAK)

Activated carbon filters are used if there are accumulations of H2S, HCN, Hg, NH3 or SO2 vapors, nitrous gases, as well as vaporous solvents, acids and alkaline solutions. The activated carbon filters come supplied with a filling. This filling is replaceable. The service life of the filling is dependent upon the process in question.

Bleaching earth filter (FBL)

A bleaching earth filter protects both the rotary vane vacuum pump and the operating fluid by adsorbing organic vapors. The bleaching earth filling is replaceable. The service life of the filling is dependent upon the process in question. This filter is used in petrochemical, plastics and resin chemistry applications if there are accumulations of peroxides, hydroperoxides and polycondensation.

Chemical oil filter (OFC)

Chemical oil filters are interposed in the oil circulation systems of rotary vane pumps. These oil filters filter out dust or particulate matter reaching the operating fluid from the process. In addition, chemical oil filters adsorb corrosive substances from the operating fluid. This reduces pump wear.

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Figure 2.4: Accessories for rotary vane pumps

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