Pfeiffer Vacuum Two-stage rotary vane vacuum pumps

Two-stage rotary vane pumps are suitable for applications in the low and medium vacuum ranges to a pressure of 10-3 mbar. They are equipped with a vacuum safety valve that prevents oil contamination in the recipient. Integrated gas ballast means allow condensable vapors to be pumped down.


The pumps in the PentaLine series are characterized by their innovative drive concept. These pumps are powered by an electronically controlled brushless DC motor whose rotor sits directly on the rotor shaft of the pumping system. The pumps are supplied with alternating current via an electronic inverter. Voltage ranges of 100 – 120 volts and 200 – 240 volts can be selected by means of a selector switch. Their advantages include high energy efficiency with approximately 25 % lower energy consumption than conventional rotary vane pumps, and the pump's hermetic seal without shaft feedthrough.

If maximum pump performance is temporarily not required, the RPM of the pump can be reduced to the standby mode for additional energy savings of 50 %. Thanks to this new drive concept, it is possible to avoid the high startup currents that typically occur when the pump is cold, even with asynchronous motors. In addition to the above-mentioned gas ballast, the PentaLine pumps can be operated with temperature control to increase water vapor tolerance. The functions of Pump ON, Standby ON and Enhanced Water Vapor Tolerance ON can be selected by means of a PLC-compatible interface or a remote connection.

Table 2.3: PentaLine™ performance datazoom table
Table 2.3: PentaLine™ performance data


DuoLine rotary vane vacuum pumps are powered by AC or DC motors, depending upon the size of the pump. In addition to the standard models, the following designs are also available: Magnetically coupled pumps (Duo M series) and corrosive gas pumps, both with and without magnetic coupling (Duo MC series).

Table 2.4: DuoLine™ performance datazoom table
Table 2.4: DuoLine™ performance data

Duo M series

M series pumps are equipped with a magnetic coupling with can. This wear-free sealing concept hermetically seals the pumps, making them clean and environmentally friendly. The magnetic coupling minimizes maintenance and thus results in significant savings.

Table 2.5: Duo M series performance datazoom table
Table 2.5: Duo M series performance data

Duo C series and MC series

The C series pumps are suitable for corrosive gas applications. In contrast to standard pumps, they have a special gas ballast valve, through which inert gas can be admitted into the pump. In addition, the pumps are equipped with special vanes that are especially resistant to chemicals. All corrosive gas pumps are ready for operation with chemical-resistant F4 or F5 (perflourpolyether) operating fluids. The Duo MC pumps are especially suitable for pumping toxic gases, because the hermetically sealed magnetic coupling prevents gas from reaching the outside.

Table 2.6: Duo C series and Duo MC series perfomance datazoom table
Table 2.6: Duo C series and Duo MC series perfomance data

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