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2.1.1 Classification of vacuum pumps

In connection with vacuum pumps, a distinction is made between gas-displacement vacuum pumps and gas-binding vacuum pumps. While gas-displacement vacuum pumps can be used without limitation, gas-binding vacuum pumps have a limited gas absorption capacity and must be regenerated at certain process-dependent intervals.

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Figure 2.1: Overview of vacuum pumps

Gas-displacement pumps, which are also referred to as gas transfer pumps, are classified either as positive displacement pumps or kinetic vacuum pumps. Positive displacement pumps displace gas from sealed areas to the atmosphere or to a downstream pump stage. Kinetic pumps displace gas by accelerating it in the pumping direction, either via a mechanical drive system or through an aligned vapor stream that is condensed at the end of the pumping section. Gas-binding vacuum pumps either bind the gas to an especially active substrate through gettering or condense the gas at a suitable temperature.

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