Pfeiffer Vacuum Controls, displays and drives

A variety of controls, displays and drives are available for operating turbopumps in different applications; they are shown in the table 2.16.

The numbering used below is based upon Figure 2.26 (Accessories for turbopumps).

HiPace Models 10 to 300 (1a) are equipped with attached drive TC 110 (1b). They require a supply voltage of 24 VDC. Integrated power supplies TPS 110 / 111 or 180 / 181 (2c) or power supply modules DCU 110 or DCU 180 (2a) with DCU 002 display control unit are available for off-line operation. HiPace Models 400 and 700 are equipped with the TC 400 drive.

The TC 400 can be operated either with 24 VDC or 48 VDC, depending upon the pump that is connected. The supply voltage of 48V can be provided by the TP 400 integrated power supply or the DCU 400 power supply module. The large HiPace 1200 to 2300 pumps are powered by the attached TC 1200, which is supplied directly from the mains.

All HiPace 10 to 700 pumps can also be supplied without attached drive (e.g. for radioactive environments). The TCP 350 drive with integrated power supply and with DCU 002 (2b) for control is used for operation.

The magnetic-levitation HiPace 2400 MC and 3400 MC are controlled by the TM 3000 operating unit. The 140 V supply voltage can be provided by the TPS 1400 power supply module. Alternatively available is the attached OPS 900 (Onboard Power Supply) power supply that mounts beneath the base plate of the pump.

The DCU 002 (2b) can be connected to the RS 485 interface for operation and for setting various parameters. The HPU 001 handheld programming unit can also be connected; this unit can also be used to store parameter records and enter them in multiple pumps. A USB converter (5b) can also be used to connect a PC (5a) to the RS 485 interface in order to execute programming and switching functions or to transfer status displays.

In addition, Profibus DP and DeviceNet converters are available for integrating the pumps into appropriate plant control systems.

The major switching functions can also be executed via a remote control plug with the aid of switches. Moreover, some status displays can be taken from relay outputs.

A selector switch can be used to select pump operation either by means of this approach or via the serial interface.

Table 2.16: Drives and power supplies
(Table 2.16)
Drives Power Supplies Display Units HiPace™ 10 HiPace™ 80 HiPace™ 300 HiPace™ 400 HiPace™ 700 HiPace™ 1200 HiPace™ 1500 HiPace™ 1800 HiPace™ 2300 HiPace™ 2400 MC HiPace™ 3400 MC

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