Pfeiffer Vacuum Magnetic-levitation turbopumps

With their high pumping speeds of over 1,500 l / s, magnetic-levitation turbopumps require large backing pumps. Since diaphragm pumps with base pressures of over 1 mbar are out of the question, these turbopumps are not equipped with Holweck stages. These pumps, too, are available as:

(Figure 2.25)
Figure 2.25: HiPace™ MC magnetic-levitation turbopump

Table 2.15 below contains the performance data for the standard pumps. All other series are modifications of these standard models and essentially offer the same performance data.

Table 2.15: HiPace™ performance datazoom table
Table 2.15: HiPace™ performance data

The base pressures of standard pumps with ISO-K flanges are: pb < 1 · 10-7 mbar. Equipped with CF flanges, these pumps can attain base pressures of pb < 5 · 10-10 mbar after bake-out.

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