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Vacuum Solutions for the Analytical Industry

Vacuum Solutions for the Analytical Industry - Pfeiffer Vacuum

In analytical laboratory technology, measurements and studies under both cleanroom conditions as well as enclosed vacuum conditions are always highly valued. Vacuum analytics, in particular, offers a significantly higher level of high quality analysis results and numbers among the acknowledged measurement and analysis methods in modern laboratory technology.

Pfeiffer Vacuum makes the vacuum

Founded in 1890, Pfeiffer Vacuum has established a very good reputation for itself worldwide in the field of vacuum technology, a reputation that is linked first and foremost with a steady stream of new solutions. These technology innovations range from the 1908 “oil-air pump” right through to cutting-edge magnetically levitated Series HiPace M turbopumps. As a specialist in laboratory vacuum technology, Pfeiffer Vacuum – with its over 120 years of experience – offers mature solutions for applications ranging from low all the way to ultra high vacuum. Laboratory vacuum pumps are all but true classics. Whenever laboratory vacuum is needed for calibration, mass spectrometry or other laboratory methods, vacuum pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum satisfy all expectations. In this connection, a fundamental distinction is made between gas-displacement and gas-binding laboratory vacuum pumps. The employment of modern vacuum technology not only creates favorable conditions for measurement and analysis in the laboratory, it also offers opportunities for using ultra-modern technologies in the production of high quality technical articles for our modern life.

Laboratory vacuum pumps

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers highly accurate vacuum pumps for a wide range of applications in the laboratory. The various models that are available enable outstanding conditions to be created, especially for challenging vacuum solutions in analytics, ranging right through to ultra high vacuum. Laboratory vacuum pumps are characterized by their compact design, extremely quiet operation and high pressure stability. As elements of modern vacuum technology, laboratory vacuum pumps create the prerequisites for meaningful and repeatable analytical methods under high and ultra high vacuum, as well. Laboratory vacuum pumps are available in a variety of engineering designs for this purpose. The options for laboratory vacuum pumps range from diaphragm pumps to various piston pumps and turbopumps, depending upon the specific requirements in question. Vacuum pumps are employed, in particular, in modern mass spectrometry. As a key element of mature vacuum technology, laboratory vacuum pumps create the basic prerequisite for any number of modern analytical and measurement methods.

Pfeiffer Vacuum creates the world of vacuum

In addition to laboratory vacuum pumps, Pfeiffer Vacuum also offers the equipment environment that is needed for modern applications, from backing vacuum and turbopumps to measurement instruments right through to leak testing under high vacuum. This means that complete pumping stations, which are also available in custom designs, are just as much as part of our product portfolio as a wide variety of accessories for a perfect, cleanly operating vacuum solution. From low vacuum all the way to ultra high vacuum, Pfeiffer Vacuum creates the world of vacuum for analytical vacuum solutions.

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