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Solutions for Vacuum Coating Applications

Solutions for Vacuum Coating Applications - Pfeiffer Vacuum

Thin layer technology basics

Vacuum technology has revolutionalized the production of machinery, tools, consumer goods and electronics. The very specific pressure conditions that can only be created under vacuum alter and improve the process conditions. Thin layer processes under high vacuum enable a wide variety of materials to be provided with sheer metallic layers. These 2- to 5-micron thin layers of aluminum, gold, silver, copper or tin not only provide decorative effects, they also create wear-resistant corrosion protection. If the layers are extremely thin, 10 to 100 nanometers, we now enter the realm of nanotechnology, where thin layers created under vacuum can exponentially improve such properties of the material as hardness or friction by comparison with the uncoated material.

Vacuum coating applications

Initially, the vacuum method was employed to coat thermal insulation glass, eyeglass lenses and other special glasses. Today, thin layer technology plays a key role in manufacturing semiconductors, solar cells and mobile phones. Nor would the production of flat screens, DVDs or BluRay discs be conceivable without thin layer technology. In the automotive industry, in tool and dye-making and in mechanical engineering, it is now becoming increasingly feasible to substitute lighter weight components of plastic in place of metallic components thanks to vacuum coating. And science and research, too, are benefiting from the advantages. Modern chemistry, biotechnology, pharma and medical laboratories would be inconceivable today without vacuum and the thin layers that are produced under it. And vacuum coated high-tech systems also play a major role in the fields of analytics and environmental technology. Vacuum technology, for example, serves as the basis for highly accurate control and measurement techniques in mass spectrometry and gas chromatography.

Innovative thin layer technology solutions

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers innovative solutions for thin layer technology that are tailored precisely to customer needs. The spectrum ranges from individual components right through to planning, designing, developing, manufacturing and assembling complete systems. And customers are naturally supported through comprehensive training in connection with the installation and then through outstanding technical service. Because whichever product you might choose, Pfeiffer Vacuum stands for technology know-how, top quality and outstanding service relating to all aspects of vacuum coating. Guaranteed by our worldwide sales and service team.

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