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Multi-stage Roots Pumps A3H - Pfeiffer Vacuum

A3H dry pumps for harsh duty processes

Harsh duty processes in semiconductor production always provide new challenges for vacuum pumps. Based on the proven multi-stage Roots technology, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers pump solutions with the A3H series with different pumping speeds for 300 mm-Fabs with 45 nm technology nodes and less. Compared to previous process pumps, the gas throughput, particle tolerance and condensation resistance have been increased significantly. Their multi-stage Roots technology guarantees a particle-free and dry vacuum. The pumps are equipped with temperature sensors and inert gas flushing.

The optimal solution for the most demanding processes.
The dry pumps of the A3H series, through the use of corrosion-resistant materials, are optimal for demanding CVD processes in the semiconductor, photovoltaic or flat panel display production. The high gas throughput is another characteristic of the series. A low noise emission and a low vibration level distinguish these multi-stage Roots pumps. They are compliant with CE and Semi S2 standards.

The A3H series for the most demanding processes saves operating costs
The usage of these dry pumps supports a decrease in operating costs through low energy consumption. Through the improved particle tolerance and the condensation resistance, the maintenance intervals and the lifetime of the pumps could be extended, which means an additional reduction of operating costs.


  • Longer maintenance intervals through improved particle tolerance and condensation resistance
  • Optimal efficiency for demanding CVD processes through the use of more corrosion-resistant materials and high gas throughput
  • Reduced operating costs through minimal energy consumption
  • Minimal space needed through compact construction
  • Low noise emission and low vibration level
  • Compliant with CE and Semi S2 standards


  • Semiconductor industry (PECVD, SACVD, ALD, ...)
  • Photovoltaic and flat panel industries
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