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Multi-stage Roots Pumps for Medium Duty Applications

Multi-stage Roots Pumps for Medium Duty Applications

In the processes of the semiconductor and solar industry, a clean and dry vacuum is a requirement. The process pumps of the A3P series by Pfeiffer Vacuum were specifically developed for applications with aggressive and corrosive gases.

What are medium duty processes?
Medium duty processes in the semiconductor and solar industry include doping, deposition, etching or thermal processes (RTP). In applications like these, corrosive and aggressive mediums are used. After a reaction in the process chamber, these mediums can combine into condensable by-products or powder and deposit in the system. For this reason, pumps for medium duty processes must be designed specifically for this type of application.

Material and quality are crucial
Process pumps that are used in medium duty processes must be made of corrosion-resistant materials, as they may come into contact with traces of aggressive and corrosive chemicals. A temperature monitoring and purge gas system is also required in order to prevent the condensation of by-products.

Process pumps from the A3P series
Based on the proven technology of the dry multi-stage roots pumps, the A3P series offers high reliability along with the necessary equipment in order to be able to withstand traces of aggressive and corrosive mediums. Three models with a pumping speed between 100 and 1000 m³/h are available. Compared to conventional pumps, the use of dry pumps from the A3P series can decrease the energy consumption by up to 50 %. They have a low noise and vibration level and comply with the standards according to CE and Semi S2. Due to their compact dimensions, they can be easily integrated into existing systems.

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