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Roots Pumps for all Low and Medium Vacuum Applications. The Power Pump Portfolio.

Roots pumps are ideally suited for applications in low and medium vacuum and are often used in the:

The OktaLine series Roots pumps can be perfectly tailored to customer-specific requirements by different pumping speeds and versions. This type of pump needs a backing pump both suited to the application and designed for the gas stream.

The likewise available OktaLine G gas-cooled Roots provide additional flexibility. They are a special version of usual Roots pumps and are ideal for the evacuation of media that must not come into contact with waste water or oils. These pumps are ideally suited to customer requirements for high pressure differences and maximum compression ratios. The gas-circulation-cooled Roots pump can also be operated without a backing pump.

For evacuating explosive gases or for processes that take place in explosive environments we have developed OktaLine ATEX, which is based on the proven concept of the convection cooled roots pumps. Thanks to extensive testing and the standardized magnetic coupling, the series can meet the high requirements for explosion protection.

When combined with other Roots pumps or the appropriate backing pump, Roots pumps can be perfectly adapted to the particular application. Pfeiffer Vacuum has 50 years experience in the customer-specific design of such systems and is therefore the leading supplier of vacuum solutions.

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