Design features of an XY-axis precision manipulator

The design of an XY axis precision manipulator is also characterized by a very stable design, which represents a balance between weight, size and stability. Its weight-bearing basic structure is torsion resistant and made of an aluminum alloy, its surface is anodized and thus durably protected.

Precision crossed roller bearing guides ensure for a long life with utmost precision. The two axes are manually powered through the micrometer screws with a large actuation drum. It ensures a simple, ergonomic setting with a very good readability of the scale and therefore leads to a high resolution.

A clearance around the bellows unit, allows for the assembly of a heating sleeve, so that it can be heated evenly. Again, the bellows unit is easily replaceable, so that it can be exchanged after the configured number of cycles have run through.

XY-axis precision manipulator

Figure 3.29: XY-axis precision manipulator