Standard pumps

The characteristic performance data of the standard pumps are shown in Table 4.19. These performance data also apply to all other series. The maximum differential pressures are a function of the overflow valves. In the ATEX series, these maximum differential pressures are smaller than for the other series in order to satisfy the temperature requirements specified by the ATEX guidelines. The housings for these pumps are manufactured of GG cast iron and are tested at 100 kPa over-pressure. The seal to the atmosphere consists of radial shaft seal rings. The standard pumps are characterized by their robust, compact design as well as by their high compression ratios, which result in high pumping speeds for the pump combination, even with small backing pumps, and thus afford short pump-down times. The vertical direction of flow renders this pump largely insensitive to dusts and liquids.

Roots pumps OktaLine
Model Rated pumping speed Maximum differential pressure Maximum compression ratio Applications
Okta 250 290 m³ · h-1 75 hPa 50 Industrial / chemical applications: E. g. oil regeneration, transformer drying, steel degassing, freeze-drying, leak detection systems, metallurgy, packaging industry, electron beam welding. Large-area coating: e. g. photovoltaics, wear protection, optical coatings Research & development: e. g. accelerators, simulation chambers.
Okta 500 560 m³ · h-1 75 hPa 50
Okta 1000 1,180 m³ · h-1 45 hPa 63
Okta 2000 2,155 m³ · h-1 35 hPa 70
Okta 4000 4,325 m³ · h-1 25 hPa 63
Okta 6000 6,485 m³ · h-1 20 hPa 63
Okta 8000 8,370 m³ · h-1 27 hPa 70
Okta 18000 18,270 m³ · h-1 10 hPa 70

Table 4.19: OktaLine performance data