In times of advanced medical development and research for new drugs and treatment methods, it is extremely important to have the right analytical instrument for the your research method. Today, time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometers are analytical instruments that are generally used in life science research in areas such as microbiology, cell biology, protein biochemistry and also drug detection.

Application requirements

  • Low finale pressure in the time of flight chamber
  • High reliability
  • Low power consumption

How does it work?
In a time of flight (TOF) mass spectrometer, the mass determination happens through the measuring of the time of flight. Therefore the ions will be accelerated in an electrical field and after this they pass through a flight route. Because of the relation of E=1/2*m*v2 the time of flight is quadratic dependence with the proportion between mass to charge ratio. The time of destination of the ions at the end of the flight route will be detected, often connected with a secondary ion multiplier. To get accurate measurement results there are high demands at the vacuum system. The pressure in the TOF chamber should be as low as possible to avoid collisions between the ionized ions and molecules that are in the chamber.

Product portfolio
Because of the low pressure < 1*10-5 necessary in the time of flight mass filter, the turbopump is the core of the vacuum system. To reach this pressure range, a backing pump is also necessary. There are various models possible, such as dry backing pumps like diaphragm pumps or Roots pumps but also rotary vane pumps. To have an overview about your working pressure, Pfeiffer Vacuum can offer you a wide product range of different gauges. With the RS-485 interface, most of the products from Pfeiffer Vacuum can communicate with each other, resulting in one controller for your entire vacuum system.

Main products

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