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Gas regulating valves

In addition to the shut-off function, specially designed valves are also employed for gas dosing in a vacuum process.


All-metal gas regulating valves, manual/thermomechanic

  • Minimum dead volume
  • Operating temperature up to 200 °C
  • For mass spectrometer applications
  • Specific routing of gas stream when a capillary (accessory) is used
  • Gas inlet in VCR 1/4" or DN 16 CF-F

Gas regulating valve EVR 116, motorized

  • High gas throughput
  • Very broad regulating range
  • With integrated motor control electronics

Gas regulating valves, solenoid actuated, RME 005 A

Regulating range from 0.0017 to 85 hPa l /s

All-metal gas regulating and gas dosing valve accessories

Gas regulating valves accessories

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