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High performance - Console

The leak detectors in the ASM 192 series, designed for ultra sensitive detection limits in large volume components, are ergonomic console units for standing operators.

Ergonomic console units: the ASM 192 series
High-performance leak detectors in the ASM 192 series provide high reliability even in the roughest applications. The console models have an ergonomic working height designed for standing operators and the remote control is placed on an articulated arm for the convenience of the operators. The work surface is grounded and provides generous space for storing large test objects, useful small parts and installation components. These console leak detectors benefit of an easy menu navigation combined with a voice synthesizer for delivering important status messages. As with all other Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detectors, the ASM 192 series can be controlled by a personal computer and measuring data can be documented - console units provide as well a work surface for a laptop.

ASM 192 series for ultra sensitive detection limits in large volume components
Extremely short pump down times even on large chambers as well as ultra short cycle times are the outstanding features of these console models. The vacuum system incorporating a powerful high vacuum pump reduces helium background fast and makes for short recovery times even after intense leaks. With one or two roughing pumps operating in parallel, system configurations can be ideally adapted to meet any component throughput requirements. Oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps as well as dry ACP pumps are available for use as backing pumps for the ASM 192 series.

High performance - Console

Leak detection competence

Leak detection competence

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