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Leak Detectors for mobile maintenance applications

Portable Leak detectors by Pfeiffer Vacuum are the ideal solution for leak detection in maintenance applications thanks to their compact size and lightweight design.
Portable leak detectors are our answer to any demands of maintenance work where mobility plays a crucial role. With these applications in mind, it is important that the leak detectors used are compact, lightweight and portable. Our ASM 310 portable leak detector, weighing in at 21 kg respectively, are more than 50 % lighter than conventional units. They have universal mains connections to allow them to be used in any part of the world. Transport boxes are available as accessories to even allow these units to be taken on a plane, typically when leak detection jobs are carried out by service engineers who are called upon to work all over the world. Innovative technologies are what distinguish our leak detectors. They are equipped with graphic color displays and are easy to operate from a detachable control panel or from a distance using a remote control. The menu navigation is user-friendly and easy to operate.

The ASM 310 Leak Detector: compact design and high performance
The ASM 310 portable leak detector stands out particularly due to its smart design with a retractable handle and its small footprint. At only 21 kg it is still a complete vacuum system, it has the same detector technology and offers the same level of sensitivity as larger models. Thanks to the clean, oil-free pumping system, the ASM 310 is the right choice for leak detection in systems which do not tolerate any contamination. It provides high performance in leak testing where mobility is crucial. The ASM 310 can be operated in any position and has an integrated SD memory card for data recording. In addition to data, configurations and operating parameters can be documented using the SD card and can be downloaded or transferred to other devices. The intuitive menu can be individually adapted and protected with a password. This prevents unauthorized changes from being made to the settings.

portable leak detector ASM 310

Leak detection competence

Leak detection competence

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