Accessories Roots Pumps


Accessories for process adaption and protection of the pump.

Operating fluid for OktaLine and OktaLine G Roots pumps
  • The mineral oil P3 is suitable for standard applications
  • The diester oil D1 is suitable for applications with high operating temperatures
  • The Perfluoropolyether F5 is suitable for applications with corrosive gases
  • Operating fluid D1 and F5 is only suitable for pumps with magnetic coupling
  • The tool kit includes all special tools and devices for mounting and disassembling OktaLine and OktaLine G roots pumps
  • For acquisition a technical training at Pfeiffer Vacuum is necessary
  • DN ISO-F, DN ISO-K and DN PN16/PN10 flanges and flanged connections can be fastened with bolts and claw clamps
  • The mounting kits contain bolts or claw clamps for the vacuum flange and fore-vacuum flange
  • Bolt and claw sets for OktaLine G additionally contain fastening elements for the cooling gas flanges
  • The fastening elements are suitable for use with elastomer and metal seals.
The suction-side and pressure-side connections of the OktaLine roots pumps can be sealed with blank flanges.
Flanges and flanged connections can be hermetically sealed with centering rings with an outer ring and O-rings.
These elements can be used to adjust OktaLine and OktaLine G roots pumps on a level frame to ensure tension-free installation
The frequency converters are mounted in a control cabinet housing with the necessary accessories (mains line choke, mains filter, brake resistor, control unit).
  • The frequency converters are suitable for 400 V/50 Hz
  • The frequency converters are not suitable for fast cyclic evacuation procedures, pressure control or other regulations
The oil compensating line ensures that the operating fluid is at the same level in both gear chambers.
Gear chamber evacuation consists of evacuating the gear chambers with the backing pump or a separate vacuum pump to achieve a faster pump-down time and preventing the operating fluid from foaming in the event of large changes in pressure.
The oil level switch is a capacitive sensor that monitors the operating fluid level of OktaLine roots pumps
In a finned tube cooler, the operating fluid around the radial shaft seals is cooled by natural convection.
The sealing gas kit can be used to generate a barrier by introducing sealing gas (e. g. N2) to separate the suction chamber from the gear chambers.
If there is a risk that solids (e. g. welding beads, loose parts from within the pipeline) enter the pump during the operating phase, a suitable protective strainer should be used at the connection flange (inlet).
The purpose of the sprayer is to flush out the suction chamber walls and rotor surfaces to remove deposits of dirt.
The temperature sensor provides additional thermal overload protection for OktaLine and OktaLine G roots pumps by measuring the gas outlet temperature
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