Turbomolecular Pumps

Documents will enable participants to operate the equipment, perform maintenance work and to localize and rectify any malfunctions that may occur.

Duration: 2 days
Language: German or English
Course fee: € 1,120.00 per participant

Detailed information / course details

Target audience: Operating and maintenance personnel
Prior knowledge: Fundamental knowledge of vacuum technology
Beginning – Ending: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Number of Participants: 3 - 8
Registration deadline: 2 weeks prior to the beginning of the course

Course includes lunch, drinks and a certificate

Course content

The content of the course will be imparted on various turbo pumps, controllers and turbo pumping stations (HiPace- and HiCube – Series).

This course can also be conducted on your premises. Date, duration and content will be matched to your needs.

  • Structure and function of turbopumps

  • Pump models and accessories

  • Installation, start-up, operation

  • Importance of parameters and how to set them

  • RS 232/485, Pfeiffer protocol, software

  • Identification and rectification of Malfunctions

  • Operating fluid changes without bearing change (exception HiPace)

  • Exchange and spare parts

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum service support

Our course dates

Artikel No.
date_range11/05/2024 - 11/06/2024PA T11 251GermanopenTraining center Asslar€ 1,120.00
date_range01/14/2025 - 01/15/2025PA T11 251GermanopenTraining center Asslar€ 1,120.00
date_range05/06/2025 - 05/07/2025PA T11 251GermanopenTraining center Asslar€ 1,120.00
date_range07/08/2025 - 07/09/2025PA T12 251EnglishopenTraining center Asslar€ 1,120.00
date_range08/19/2025 - 08/20/2025PA T11 251GermanopenTraining center Asslar€ 1,120.00
date_range11/04/2025 - 11/05/2025PA T11 251GermanopenTraining center Asslar€ 1,120.00
date_rangefree choicePA T20 251customer-specificInhouse training at customer site€ 1,900.00*
date_rangefree choicePA T00 251customer-specificAßlar€ 2,200.00*

* For customized courses we invoice the course fee per day