How to check coating systems for leak tightness?



Application examples and practical tips for leak testing with helium leak detectors on vacuum systems.

What is the whitepaper about?

This white paper answers the following questions:

  • What do I need to consider when connecting the leak detector to a coating system?

  • How can I shorten the response times of the leak detector?

  • How can the mass flow controller be tested separately?

  • How do I perform a sniffer leak detection on gas supply lines?

  • What influences the signal recovery behavior?

  • What to do in case of an intense signal from the helium leak detector?

With this white paper, our experts share their know-how and provide you with a separate checklist to help you avoid falsified measurement results.

Who should read it?

The white paper is aimed at experts and decision-makers from the areas of quality assurance, maintenance and production.