Vacuum & Tightness: Enabling New and Established Technologies

Explore Pfeiffer Vacuum's world where technology meets industry-specific demands. From healthcare to high-tech, energy to engineering, our vacuum and leak detection technologies are the heartbeat of efficiency, precision, and reliability.

At Pfeiffer Vacuum, where our passion meets the specific needs of your industry, we are experts in vacuum and leak detection technology, providing innovative solutions across a broad spectrum of markets.

From enhancing critical processes in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors to advancing development in automotive and mobility, from driving innovation in the semiconductor industry to supporting rigorous research in R&D, we navigate the unique complexities of each sector with tailor-made technologies.

Our extensive product portfolio is designed to ensure reliability, optimize efficiency, and achieve unparalleled precision across a wide range of applications. As you explore what we offer, you will understand why our vacuum and leak detection solutions are critical to the success of diverse markets, including photovoltaics, industrial vacuum, energy, and scientific instruments.

At Pfeiffer Vacuum, we are more than just a supplier. We are your partner in unlocking the vast potential of your industry. Let's discover the possibilities together.

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