Energy Distribution

With our vacuum solutions, we help to bring electricity to millions of people by supporting the transformer and superconductive cable manufacturing processes. Power transformers are needed to transfer energy from power plants or public electricity networks to the consumer. They regulate electricity voltages and flows upwards and downwards to transfer energy cost-efficiently and to provide the necessary voltages. In the manufacturing process of the transformers, vacuum technology is required at various stages of the production process: for drying windings, for degassing transformer insulating oil and for evacuating the transformer tank and expansion vessel before and during the oil filling process. Next to this, vacuum is needed for cable drying to manufacture superconductive cables. Energy is also distributed in the form of heat by district heating networks in many cities. The pipes of these networks carrying water close to 100°C can stretch over many kilometers. To avoid heat losses, the double walled pipes are in many cases vacuum insulated. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers years of expertise and the right product portfolio to support all those processes with the right vacuum solution.

Application Reports

In our application reports you can learn more about the many applications in which our vacuum solutions are used by our customers!