Material Science

Vacuum solution for developing, characterizing and qualifying of new materials

In our modern life there are many new functional materials with a variety of properties and used in multiple devices and products. Therefore the development of new materials, and methods for the investigation of their properties and structure is vital main task of today’s science. Vacuum technology helps not only to create new materials but is fundamental for characterization and qualification. In order to create new materials different ranges of vacuum and purity of vacuum is needed. In basic research the required vacuum starts from ultra-high vacuum up to the medium range eg p < 10-5 to 1 Pa.

Pfeiffer Vacuum provides not only devices for vacuum generation and measurement but also mass spectrometers for the monitoring process gases. Dedicated mass spectrometers for analytics such as high performance quadrupole mass spectrometers are part of Pfeiffer Vacuum’s portfolio.

Diamonds from the microwave