After only a few decades of development, FLAT PANEL has emerged as the main display technology. Flat panel technology is a large part of our life. It is the screen being used for TV’s, smartphone, watches, automotive etc. Flat panels have become more than just display, they are also tools we use daily.

The technology behind the product was inspired by semiconductors and is moving fast to continuously create even better products. Thin Film Transistors are background for these systems and are mandatory to control each pixel and create the desired color. LCD or AMOLED devices are now both available, with competition between these technologies driving innovation. Many steps in the manufacturing process require vacuum.

Application requirements

  • Long maintenance intervals and maximum uptime

  • High suction speed and fast pump down

  • Corrosion resistance and harsh process compatibility

  • Large volume management

Thin Film Transistors Liquid Crystal Display is the main technology driving the market. Such device consists in light transmissive systems where backlight is oriented through display. Architecture of the display is like a sandwich made of two glass panels with dedicated functions:

  • TFT array at the back, where all required transistors are built to control each pixel and subpixel

  • Colors filter on front, with RGB subpixels forming a single pixel capable of a wide color gamut

  • Liquid crystal in between used as optical switch, managing light intensity passing through each subpixel

  • polarizers

Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, also called “OLED”, are using a different concept and simplified architecture. The main difference is about light absorption as OLED is a self-emissive device, backlighting is not needed (no back polarizer, no color filter, no liquid crystal). The front panel is no longer used as color filter, but as encapsulant/protective film. Therefore, it is easier to adapt to specific use like flexible or foldable displays. More and more are used for mobile and smartphones, but also offering new possibilities to the automotive market.

Product portfolio

Pfeiffer Vacuum product line covers all application specific needs. We offer dry vacuum pumps for primary vacuum but also high vacuum. To ensure a stable and safe process we also offer pressure gauges and leak detectors.