Optical Coatings

In the field of ophthalmics, anti-reflective and scratchproof coatings are applied to eyeglass lenses. An optical coating is one or more thin layers of material deposited on a spectacle lense to provide various functionalities such as anti-reflection coating or colored filter. Thin film deposition play an important role in the development and study of material with new and unique properties.

Application requirements

  • Clean vacuum free of carbon

  • Long maintenance intervals and maximum uptime

  • Low operating costs

  • Simplest on-site maintenance

Application report: Broad product range for the needs of the glass coating industry

How does it work?

The part to be coated is inserted into the coating chamber in which a sputtering process takes place. In this chamber a plasma is generated under vacuum and the thin film is coated onto the part. Typical vacuum ranges are between 1x10-3 to 1x10-4 hPa. One major requirement is to have a carbon free vacuum in order to enable a high quality coating process.

Product portfolio

Pfeiffer Vacuum has been present in the optical coating market with his innovative products since the beginning of this development and offers you the right solution for your application. For the vacuum generation we offer single pumps such as rotary vane pumps, screw pump as well as complete pumping stations. To reach a lower pressure turbopumps are used either with hybrid levitation or magnetic levitation. Furthermore we offer pressure gauges and leak detectors to guarantee process stability.