Wear Protection Coatings

Tools made of coated cutting materials are used in a variety of machining operations such as drilling and cutting. The purpose of wear protection is to increase the durability and profitability of tools by coating the surfaces.

Application requirements

  • Low base pressure

  • Fast start up time

  • High suction speed

  • Low maintenance intervals

  • Dust resistance

  • Low cost of ownership

How does it work?

There are basically two different methods of wear protection, chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and physical vapor deposition (PVD). The material to be deposited, also called a target, is usually in solid form and is vaporized in a coating chamber by arc discharge under vacuum. Typical working pressures are in the range of 1x10-1 hPa - 1x10-4 hPa. Layers of the vapor deposition can be found in many areas of industry and other branches.

Product portfolio

With our technical expertise and complete line of products for wear protective coatings, we are ready to assist with Roots pumping stations as well as single rotary vane, screw pumps and Roots pumps. To reach lower pressure level we also offer turbopumps suitable for dusty applications. To monitor your process we can provide pressure gauges and leak detectors.


How to check coating systems for leak tightness?

Application examples and practical tips for leak testing with helium leak detectors on vacuum systems.