HiCube Neo: The Future of Vacuum Technology

Discover the HiCube Neo - our latest generation of turbopumping systems that combine outstanding performance, flexibility and user-friendliness in an innovative design.

Powerful and versatile

The HiCube Neo redefines performance with an impressive pumping speed of 80 - 800 l/s, ideal for demanding high vacuum applications. The HiPace 300 H even enables ultra-high vacuum up to 10-10 hPa. The availability of various backing pumps, such as diaphragm, rotary vane, scroll and multi-stage Roots pumps, makes it extremely versatile. Whether as a compact desktop solution or as a stand-alone unit, the HiCube Neo adapts to any requirement.

Intuitive control and analysis

The HiCube Neo is ready for immediate use thanks to plug-and-play. It is controlled intuitively via the 7" touch screen display. Benefit from remote control via web server and detailed measurement data recording for optimum process control. Combine the HiCube Neo with our comprehensive portfolio of measuring devices and accessories for customized solutions.

HiCube Neo

HiCube Neo – The new generation of pumping units

Reliability meets energy efficiency

Rely on the proven robustness and reliability of the HiCube Neo, designed for demanding conditions. The open design enables easy maintenance and uncomplicated access to the components. In addition, the energy-efficient stand-by mode of the backing pump ensures lower energy consumption and therefore reduced operating costs.

Experience the difference with the HiCube Neo

Compared to its predecessor, the HiCube Neo offers improved performance, enhanced control options and increased energy efficiency. Discover how the HiCube Neo exceeds your vacuum technology requirements.

Ready for the future of vacuum technology? Contact us for an introduction to the HiCube Neo.

Brochure cover turbo pumping station HiCube Neo

Areas of application

The HiCube Neo turbopumping unit is the ideal partner for applications in industry and research & development when it comes to generating high vacuum or pumping out small volumes. Typical fields of application are

  • Gas analysis

  • Calibration of vacuum gauges

  • Laboratory applications

  • Residual gas analysis

  • Vacuum furnaces

  • Pump down of cryostats

Customer benefits

  • Simple operation with touch display: Intuitive control for effortless operation.

  • Measurement data recording: Precise recording for detailed analysis.

  • Remote control via web server possible: Convenient monitoring wherever you are.

  • Desktop and stand-alone versions available: Flexibility for different requirements.

  • Configurable for every application: Customize the HiCube Neo to your individual needs.

  • Proven robust and reliable: Rely on proven reliability and robustness.