Solutions for Contamination, Vacuum & Cleanliness Verification

Experience pioneering solutions with Pfeiffer Vacuum's deep industry knowledge. Our tailored systems redefine precision and efficiency in various industries.

Experience-driven innovation for technical cleanliness

At Pfeiffer Vacuum, our wealth of experience and commitment to our customers are the driving forces behind our innovative solutions. With a deep understanding of the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, metallurgical and emerging markets, we have harnessed our knowledge to create cutting-edge systems that can help you excel in your industry.

We invite you to explore our specialized systems for technical cleanliness and experience the difference that knowledge, experience, and customer dedication can make in your industry. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor our solutions to elevate your standards of precision, quality, and efficiency.

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Solutions for airborne molecular contamination management and particle contamination monitoring

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers state-of-the-art contamination management systems tailored to the semiconductor and pharmaceutical industries. Leveraging our years of experience providing vacuum technology to our customers in these industries, we have developed solutions designed to identify and minimize contamination and optimize production processes at every stage. With an unwavering focus on improving yield in the production of sensitive devices, we provide innovative tools such as the APA 302 for real-time analysis and clean room monitoring within the semiconductor process cycle. The ADPC 302 automates particle localization and counting in transport media, while the APR 4300 takes it a step further. For the pharmaceutical industry, we address challenges such as moisture, oxygen and microbial ingress that affect drug stability.


The customized RGA system for sophisticated cleanliness verification

RGA system OmniGrade

In emerging markets with stringent cleanliness requirements, Pfeiffer Vacuum's OmniGrade system steps in to support your cleanliness verification needs. To meet evolving standards, our residual gas analysis (RGA) solutions address the challenge of determining outgassing rates in high vacuum environments. We've expanded our residual gas analysis portfolio to provide custom turn-key solutions tailored to your specific testing demands, ensuring quality standards and outgassing budgets are met. The OmniGrade system offers modular options, including spectrometer selection and cleanroom compatibility. With our expertise, you can trust us to optimize your acceptance tests and regulatory compliance. Contact us to learn how we can improve your cleanliness verification process.

OmniGrade customizable RGA systems


Multi-Stage Vacuum Process for best-in-class die casting

Experience breakthrough solutions for reliable and efficient die casting with Pfeiffer Vacuum's multi-stage vacuum process. Our Vacu2 and Vacu2 eco systems provide two stages for rapid evacuation of air from the mold cavity and shot sleeve, preventing air entrapment in castings. Vacu2 is ideal for die casting machines with a clamping force of more than 750 tons, ensuring low maintenance costs and high reproducibility. Vacu2 eco, on the other hand, is designed for units with clamping forces below 750 tons, offering cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency. With precise pressure control and reduced scrap, our multi-stage vacuum process maximizes the efficiency of the die casting process.

Multi-Stage Vacuum Process Vacu2

Vacu² multi-stage vacuum process system