High Quality Chambers and Components for Your Vacuum Applications

Discover our extensive range of chambers and components for your vacuum applications. Rely on Pfeiffer Vacuum as a trusted partner for first-class quality and precision-engineered products.

Pfeiffer Vacuum chambers and components

Unsurpassed precision and reliability

Pfeiffer Vacuum is proud to offer you world-class vacuum solutions. Our extensive selection of chambers, manipulators, feedthroughs and components are designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of applications and offer outstanding performance, precision and reliability. Whether you are in research, development, production or any other vacuum-related field, our products will help you achieve optimal results.

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Vacuum components

Versatile flange connections for your vacuum systems

A vacuum system requires the seamless integration of various components. With the aid of vacuum-tight flange connections, these parts or vacuum components such as pipes and hoses can be easily joined together. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a variety of flange systems covering different connection standards and flange sizes to meet the requirements of numerous applications.

Vacuum components

Vacuum chambers

Standard and customizable solutions

Pfeiffer Vacuum's vacuum chambers are known for their quality and flexibility. They are manufactured according to the individual requirements of the customers and offer a tailor-made solution for various fields of application. Our chambers are characterized by high tightness and stability to maintain the vacuum level optimally. Thanks to a wide range of sizes, shapes and materials, they are versatile and enable first-class experiments and research.

Vacuum chambers

Vacuum feedthroughs

Reliable connections

Vacuum feedthroughs are of central importance for a reliable connection of the setup or experiment inside the vacuum chamber with the external systems. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers an extensive selection of feedthroughs specifically designed to meet different requirements. Whether they are electrical, pneumatic or fluid feedthroughs, these components ensure an uninterrupted connection and high performance in vacuum environments.

Mechanical feedthroughs: Stability and flexibility

Pfeiffer Vacuum's mechanical feedthroughs provide stability and flexibility for the safe insertion and removal of materials in vacuum chambers. They enable the transfer of samples, components or tools without affecting the vacuum. Their robust design and individual customization options make them ideally suited to the requirements of various applications.


Precise handling of objects in a vacuum

In order to handle objects precisely in a vacuum, Pfeiffer Vacuum also offers a range of manipulators. These sophisticated devices are designed to pick up, move and position samples, tools or other objects in vacuum chambers.

Innovative custom solutions for versatile vacuum applications

Pfeiffer Vacuum offers innovative and customized solutions for vacuum chambers and accessories for a wide range of applications. The various components, including vacuum chambers, vacuum feedthroughs, mechanical feedthroughs and manipulators, are characterized by their precise control, flexibility, reliability and stability.

Quality and reliability

Quality is our trademark at Pfeiffer Vacuum. We maintain strict quality control processes throughout the manufacturing cycle to ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards. Our commitment to reliable vacuum solutions is reflected in the long-term performance and durability of our chambers and components.

Pfeiffer Vacuum chambers and components are suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you are in semiconductor manufacturing, analytical instrumentation, research laboratories or even space simulation, we have the products to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts focuses on understanding your application needs and providing customized solutions that optimize functionality and efficiency. With Pfeiffer Vacuum, you can rely on precision and reliability to support your critical processes.