Vacuum Chambers for Fine to Ultra-High Vacuum

Vacuum chambers are the heart of a vacuum system. The product range extends from small to large-format chambers for virtually any application. Learn more about vacuum chambers from Pfeiffer Vacuum here.

What is the function of a vacuum chamber and where is it used?

A vacuum chamber is a hermetically sealed container for the exclusion of air and gases, which can be pumped out via a vacuum pump. It encloses the application and shields it from external influences. Vacuum chambers are used in low vacuum as well as in fine, high and ultra-high vacuum applications. The areas in which you can use vacuum chambers are correspondingly diverse: The possible uses extend across wide fields of application in industry, research & development and analytics, as well as coating and semiconductor technology.

Vacuum chambers from Pfeiffer Vacuum

Vacuum chambers from Pfeiffer Vacuum meet the highest standards of quality and technology. Our claim is to offer you individual and efficient vacuum solutions that are perfectly tailored to you and your needs.

As a vacuum chamber manufacturer with many years of experience in numerous areas of vacuum technology, we are familiar with the application-specific requirements for vacuum generation. We have incorporated our knowledge into the design of our vacuum chambers. With our standard vacuum chambers, we provide you with a cost-effective and readily available solution that we adapt to your individual requirements. We will be happy to advise you on your selection. In addition, you can freely combine our vacuum chambers with all pump types according to your needs.

Brochure: Vacuum Components & Vacuum Chambers

Standard vacuum chambers

A quickly available and cost-efficient alternative to an individual vacuum chamber manufactured according to customer requirements can be found in our product range of standard vacuum chambers. Here you can combine various standardized basic bodies with freely selectable chamber outlets to create a vacuum solution tailored to your application. The standard vacuum chambers are designed for the use of ambient pressure up to 1 · 10-7 hPa.

Depending on the operating pressure, flange size and temperature range, you can choose from the following designs:

  • High vacuum chamber cubic

  • High vacuum chamber horizontal

  • High vacuum chamber vertical

  • Fine vacuum chamber vertical

  • Modular combinable chamber components

No matter which design you choose, however, with a standard vacuum chamber from Pfeiffer Vacuum you benefit from a proven design concept and our years of expertise:

  • Cost savings through prefabricated design

  • Short delivery times through the use of prefabricated, stocked chamber bodies

  • Proven, solid construction for reliable quality and safety

  • Individual adaptation to your requirements possible

For more information on our standard vacuum chambers, please see our free brochure. Or contact us. In a personal conversation, we will be happy to inform you about the different vacuum chamber solutions and find the right product for you.

Customized vacuum chambers

Do you have special requirements for your application? Then our customized vacuum chambers may be the right solution for you.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are familiar with almost all tasks and can advise you in detail on your chamber specification, design and engineering. Our task definition is based on your requirements: Both the idea in sketch form and a complete set of drawings are our starting point on the way to the finished product. With the help of our engineers, physicists, technicians, designers and other specialists, we work with you to develop an individual vacuum chamber specifically for your application.

With our customized vacuum chambers, you benefit from:

  • optimal adaptation possibilities according to your needs

  • best quality and durability

  • a detailed system consultation

  • expansion possibilities with additional add-on parts and further accessories

On request, we can put together a complete vacuum system consisting of pumps, measurement technology, components, and valves.

Your advantages

With our high-quality vacuum chambers in individual and series production, we can supply you with the perfect vacuum solution. That is why Pfeiffer Vacuum offers all processes from a single source: Application consulting, design, manufacturing, quality assurance, assembly and on-site service.

Your Pfeiffer Vacuum advantages:

  • Leak testing of all vacuum chambers manufactured by us, residual gas analysis if required

  • Versatile application possibilities thanks to optimum adaptability to customer-specific technical requirements

  • A diverse range of equipment options, tailored to your needs

  • safe and reliable vacuum solutions for fine to ultra-high vacuum

  • comprehensive service with consulting, planning, manufacturing and installation from a single source