Pfeiffer Vacuum Manipulators: Precision meets reliability

With the precision manipulators from Pfeiffer Vacuum you maximize control over your vacuum applications. Our manipulators enable precise movements and safe handling even in demanding environments.

Discover manipulators for optimal handling in vacuum

Movements are often essential in vacuum applications. With our vacuum manipulators you are able to precisely position samples or components such as measuring and analysis devices within the vacuum - whether by pushing, rotating or tilting.

Comprehensive range of vacuum manipulators and mechanical feedthroughs

Whether you need standardized or customized vacuum manipulators, Pfeiffer Vacuum has the perfect solution for you. Our manipulators with free flange connections on both sides and an open passage enable a variety of motion transfers into the vacuum. By combining vacuum manipulators and mechanical feedthroughs, you can solve a wide variety of tasks.

We offer a large selection of manipulators and mechanical feedthroughs for axial and lateral movements, rotations and angular changes. In addition to manually operated manipulators, we also offer motor-driven manipulators for automation processes.

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Quality and precision: the trademarks of our manipulators

The quality and reliability of our vacuum-compatible manipulation systems are unsurpassed. When designing, we attach great importance to their inherent rigidity, especially to the flanges, which have to withstand considerable forces from atmospheric pressure even with larger nominal diameters.

We have optimized our vacuum manipulators using the finite element method (FEM). The installation of high-quality mechanical components results in extremely precise, backlash-free and smooth movements with excellent reproducibility. The low wear guarantees high reliability and a very long service life.

Trust in manipulators from Pfeiffer Vacuum

Choose the vacuum manipulators and feedthroughs from Pfeiffer Vacuum and benefit from our expertise and experience in the area of vacuum technology. Our vacuum manipulators enable you to design and optimize your processes efficiently and precisely. Contact us today to learn more about our vacuum manipulation systems and find the perfect solution for your specific needs.