Vacuum Pumps: Efficient Vacuum Generation Technologies

From rough to ultra-high vacuum, we offer a diverse selection of reliable and powerful pumps. Learn more about our products and solutions for various applications in industry, research and development.

Vacuum generation plays a crucial role in many industrial and scientific applications. It is essentially based on two principles: removing gas from a space and reducing the gas pressure in that space. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers various pumping technologies, such as rotary vane, Roots and turbomolecular pumps, to achieve these effects.

Diaphragm pumps

Oil-free solutions for special requirements

Diaphragm pumps offer dry vacuum generation and are therefore ideal for applications where an oil-free environment is required. They are often used in medical technology, laboratory technology and analytics, mainly due to their compactness and low-noise operation.

Working principle of the Pfeiffer Vacuum diaphragm pump

Working principle of the Pfeiffer Vacuum diaphragm pump MVP

Rotary vane pumps

Reliable vacuum pumps for many applications

Rotary vane pumps are rotary displacement pumps and provide reliable vacuum generation for a wide range of applications. More background on the operating principle of rotary vane pumps can be found here. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers a wide range of rotary vane pumps that are characterized by their high performance and long service life.

Functional principle of Duo 6 and Duo 6 M

Functional principle of rotary vane pumps

Scroll pumps

High performance and low noise

Scroll pumps offer high performance combined with low noise levels. They are often used in laboratories, semiconductor manufacturing and vacuum drying. Scroll pumps have the advantage of being oil-free and highly efficient.

HiScroll oil-free vacuum pumps

HiScroll oil-free vacuum pumps

Screw pumps for the generation of rough and fine vacuum

Compared to scroll pumps, screw pumps have a higher pumping speed. Their robust and oil-free design allows operation in a wide range of industrial applications, from metallurgy to freeze-drying. Screw pumps are effective, reliable and offer high performance.

Functional principle of screw pumps

Functional principle of screw pumps

Powerful Roots pumps for short pump-down times

In combination with a backing pump suitable for the application, oil-free Roots pumps provide a robust and reliable solution for fast pump-down. They increase the pumping speed in areas where the efficiency of screw or rotary vane pumps decreases and are therefore also called booster pumps. They can be used flexibly and are optimally adaptable for many applications.

Pfeiffer Vacuum HiLobe in 3D

Pfeiffer Vacuum HiLobe in 3D

Multi-stage Roots pumps for a wide range of applications

The frictionless pump module of multi-stage Roots pumps does not require lubricants or sealing materials. This helps to ensure that the pumps are particle-free, extremely reliable and stable over the long term. Due to the distribution over several Roots stages, they can also operate against atmospheric pressure. They also feature low operating costs and are ideal for applications in the semiconductor industry, research and development, and for use in large vacuum systems.

A4 series in 3D

A4 series in 3D


High performance for extreme vacuum levels

Turbomolecular pumps are high-speed pumps used in combination with backing pumps to achieve extremely high vacuum levels. They provide an oil-free vacuum and are very energy efficient. Turbopumps find application in demanding fields such as plasma etching, surface analysis and high vacuum coating technology.

Functional principle of the HiPace turbopump in 3D

Functional principle of the HiPace turbopump in 3D

Pfeiffer Vacuum takes sustainability very seriously and integrates environmentally friendly aspects into the development and manufacture of its vacuum pumps.

  • Energy efficiency: Our pumps are designed to achieve high energy efficiency by utilizing the latest technologies, thus helping to reduce operating costs.

  • Durability: Our vacuum pumps are designed for a long service life. They require less frequent maintenance and spare parts, which minimizes waste and increases resource efficiency.

  • Recycling and reuse: We design our products to be easily recyclable and reusable. This promotes circular economy and reduces the need for new resources.

  • Process optimization: Our vacuum pumps help optimize industrial processes, which reduces overall resource consumption.

  • Environmentally friendly manufacturing: Pfeiffer Vacuum places great emphasis on environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and continuously works to minimize the environmental footprint of our products.

Vacuum generation is an important step in many industrial and scientific processes. Pfeiffer Vacuum's sustainable and efficient technologies can create reliable vacuum conditions. We offer a wide range of vacuum pumps for various applications and industries. Rely on Pfeiffer Vacuum's many years of experience and benefit from efficient vacuum generation for your individual needs.