Multi-Stage Roots Pumps for Clean Applications

Pfeiffer Vacuum's dry pumps offer constant performance during the pump’s lifetime, robustness, and high reliability for applications that require an oil- and particle-free vacuum.

Benefits of multi-stage Roots pumps

Multi-stage Roots pumps are the ideal solution for clean applications due to their oil and particle-free pumping system with no hydrocarbon vapor back streaming, high reliability, low maintenance costs and the ability to handle high volumes of condensable vapors.

The ACP series

Versatile and reliable

The ACP is designed to meet the requirements of industries such as laboratories, particle accelerators, vacuum coating, gas industry and others. The air-cooled design eliminates the installation and operating costs of a water supply. Additionally, the ACP 90 pumps operate with low vibration and noise levels, ensuring a quiet and comfortable working environment. The ACP series offers multiple gas connection options, a universal power supply and a frequency converter that provides constant speed, resulting in stable pumping speed and consistent inlet pressure. The frequency converter provides additional features such as an hour meter and remote operation mode for increased convenience and efficiency. Compliant with CE standards, UL/CSA certification and SEMI S2 certification, the ACP series is available in different versions to meet specific application requirements. With no wear parts inside the pump module, it offers high reliability and low cost of ownership.

ACP 90

Learn more about the features of the ACP 90 multi-stage Roots pump in this video.

A 100 L and A 200 L

Perfect for load lock and transfer chambers

The A 100 L and A 200 L integrated pumps, with their compact dimensions, are ideal for load lock and transfer chambers and all non-corrosive applications. With the ability to transport traces of corrosive gases, inert purge gas protects bearings and dilutes corrosive media in the suction chamber.

Multi-stage Roots pumps for: