Multi-stage Roots Pumps for Harsh Chemical Applications

Discover the unmatched durability and efficiency of Pfeiffer Vacuum's multi-stage Roots pumps for the most demanding and harsh chemical applications, ensuring reliable performance and protection against corrosive challenges.

Advantages of multi-stage Roots pumps in harsh applications

Multi-stage Roots pumps offer exceptional benefits in harsh applications, demonstrating their robustness and adaptability. With their resistance to corrosive gases and ability to handle challenging environments, these pumps provide reliable and stable vacuum performance. The absence of wearing parts inside the pumping module ensures long-term stability and minimal maintenance requirements, reducing operational costs. In harsh chemical processes, where corrosive and aggressive mediums are prevalent, multi-stage Roots pumps prove to be the optimal choice, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity while maintaining a clean and uncontaminated vacuum environment.

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Choosing the right multi-stage Roots pumps: Harsh vs. extremely harsh chemical applications

Multi-stage Roots pumps

For harsh chemical applications

In semiconductor and coating processes, chemical applications can range from harsh to extremely harsh environments, each of which presents unique challenges. For harsh chemical applications where corrosive gases and demanding conditions are prevalent, Pfeiffer Vacuum's A4 series of multi-stage Roots pumps is an ideal choice. These pumps are equipped to handle small quantities of corrosive gases and thus ensure efficient and reliable operation.

A4 series

Discover the working principle of A4 series multi-stage Roots pumps in this video.

A4H Series: Energy-efficient dry pump solutions

The A4H series from Pfeiffer Vacuum offers energy-efficient dry pumping solutions for medium-duty processes in the semiconductor and coating industries. With seven different models available, pumping speeds ranging from 100 to 3,000 m³/h, and advanced monitoring functionalities, the A4H series provides reliable and accurate control of pump operating conditions. Designed for demanding processes, these pumps feature high gas throughput, improved particle tolerance and advanced temperature management for low and high operating temperatures. Compliant with Semi S2 and UL 61010 standards, the A4H series is the optimal choice for reducing operating costs and improving process reliability.

Corrosion-resistant A4X series dry pumps

Pfeiffer Vacuum's A4X series offers energy-efficient and corrosion-resistant dry pumping solutions for harsh semiconductor processes. With four models available and pumping speeds ranging from 160 to 3,000 m³/h, the A4X series features corrosion-resistant materials for increased durability and extended temperature management to protect against precursor cracking or condensable deposits. Compliant with Semi S2-0712 and UL 61010 standards, the A4X series is an optimal solution for reducing operating costs and increasing process reliability.

Multi-stage Roots pumps

For extremely corrosive applications

With full corrosion resistance and exceptional durability, XN pumps meet the demands of highly corrosive environments, ensuring optimal performance, longevity, and safety. Covering the requirements of most applications in semiconductor and coating industries, the XN range offers pumping speeds from 600 to 2,900 m³/h, providing increased lifetime and robustness, with up to 5 times longer lifetime on the harshest corrosive applications like poly Etch. These pumps feature a wide operating temperature range, high mean time before failures, and low cost of ownership, making them the go-to-choice for semiconductor and coating applications dealing with varying degrees of chemical aggressiveness.

XN version

Learn about the special features of the XN version of Pfeiffer Vacuum's multi-stage Roots pumps.

Corrosion-resistant process pumps A3XN

Offering up to 5 times longer lifetime in the harshest corrosive applications and up to 50% energy savings compared to previous pump technologies, A3XN dry pumps are designed for high reliability. With a small footprint, lightweight design and advanced monitoring capabilities, the A3XN series ensures precise control of pump operating conditions. Ideal for semiconductor applications such as etch and high-k processes, these multi-stage Roots pumps feature exceptional corrosion resistance and reliability for harsh processes in demanding industrial environments.

The A3XN pumps are compatible with the previous A3P series.

The high-reliability dry pumps A4XN

With a wide range of dry pump solutions from 160 to 2,900 m³/h, the A4XN series is designed for harsh semiconductor manufacturing processes, including PECVD, SACVD and ALD. These pumps feature nickel coating technology for increased corrosion resistance, ensuring extended lifetime and low cost of ownership. The A4XN series offers optimal energy efficiency with high-efficiency motors and limited use of electric heaters. Compliant with Semi S2-0712 and UL 61010 standards, these pumps feature advanced monitoring and idle-mode capabilities, allowing precise control of pump operating conditions for maximum performance.

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