Magnetically Levitated Turbopumps

Compact design, low energy consumption and high pumping speed - with a magnetic-bearing turbopump from Pfeiffer Vacuum, you can count on a high-quality, trouble-free product ready for maximum performance.

How does a magnetic bearing work?

Magnetic bearings provide non-contact bearing support without the rotor and outer shell coming into contact with each other. The magnetic forces keep the rotor in constant suspension. Magnetic bearings are therefore particularly suitable for applications where low wear, clean and lubricant-free conditions as well as high speeds are required – such as in high and ultra-high vacuum generation for semiconductor manufacturing, coating technologies and research.

Electromagnetic bearings, as utilized by Pfeiffer Vacuum’s magnetic-bearing turbopumps, take advantage of electromagnetism through a complex assembly of a sensor, electromagnet, power amplifier and controller to keep the rotor in suspension and set it in rotation. Electromagnetic bearings are also called “active magnetic bearings” because the rotor position is monitored and permanently readjusted. This ensures a wear-free, low-vibration operation due to automatic unbalance compensation. As a result, you benefit from continuous rotor stability as well as maintenance- and lubricant-free operation throughout the entire service life.

Sectional drawing of a magnetically levitated turbopump

Magnetically levitated turbopumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum

With the HiPace M, ATH M and ATP M product series, Pfeiffer Vacuum supplies you with turbomolecular pumps specially optimized for production processes with high gas throughput and operating pressure.

HiPace M pumps feature pumping speeds of 300 – 800 l/s as well as a high compression ratio for light gases. Thanks to their integrated drive electronics, there is no longer any need for complex wiring, while you simultaneously benefit from a shortened run-up time. Due to their aluminum housing, the vacuum pumps are particularly lightweight and you can install them in any orientation. Characterized by extremely low vibrations, they are ideally suited for all vibration-sensitive applications.

Some of the magnetic-bearing turbopumps of the ATH M series also feature their own integrated heating. This makes it possible to keep them at a constant high temperature to minimize the condensation of chemicals and other by-products.

Brochure: ATH 2804 M and ATH 3204 M

Magnetic bearings and their advantages in vacuum production

Our turbopumps with 5-axis magnetic bearings provide you with maximum compression and gas throughput as well as optimal pumping speed with minimal vibration. This makes them the perfect solution for applications in analytics, research, and development as well as for reactive processes in the fields of coating and semiconductor production.

In addition, turbopumps with magnetic bearings offer you the following advantages:

  • Clean vacuum applications

    The non-contact magnetic bearing system operates without lubricants or abrasion. This means you can use magnetic-bearing turbopumps in critical vacuum applications without any concern.

  • Reliable technology

    The ATH M and ATP M series’ active 5-axis magnetic levitation bearings monitor the rotor position and balance out any deviation from the target position in real time. This high-quality bearing technology delivers the best possible long-term stability, reliability, and extremely quiet running – ideally suited for semiconductor production, coating, and dry-etching plasma processes, as well as many industrial and R&D applications.

  • Maintenance-free operation

    The magnetic bearing technology prevents contact between rotor and outer casing. Additionally, the rotor itself can function as a generator in the event of power failure until the mechanical emergency bearings bring it slowly and gently to a standstill. This prevents wear and tear, so you can enjoy maintenance-free operation.

  • Safety

    Only high-quality emergency bearings are installed in our maintenance-free turbopumps with magnetic bearings, ensuring safe operation. Even use under the toughest environmental conditions is no problem thanks to its IP54 safety rating. Product tests in accordance with ISO 27892 additionally prove that all our pumps meet the highest safety requirements.