Pressure Control Valves

Discover Pfeiffer Vacuum's advanced  pressure control valves that optimize your processes through higher resolution, speed and reliability.

Patented motor control technology combines speed and precision

Our pressure control valves offer two innovative core features built into all controllers. Our unique patented motor control technology, consisting of hardware and software, enables pressure control valves to operate at impressive speeds with extremely fine position resolution. At the heart of this technology is our adaptive pressure control algorithm, which works in conjunction with the motor control to ensure virtually error-free pressure control performance across various system conditions.

Versatile selection for individual requirements

A complete pressure control system consists of three main components: a control valve, a control unit and a vacuum gauge. Pfeiffer Vacuum offers products in all of these categories. Our selection of pressure control valves includes butterfly valves and pendulum valves in various sizes and flange types. All pressure control valves feature various interface options, including RS-232, RS-485, Analog/TTL, DeviceNet and EtherCat.

Gas metering valves for precise gas flow control in vacuum systems

Gas dosing valves fulfill the important task of introducing defined gas flows into vacuum systems in order to create or set targeted pressure conditions. These valves are often based on the needle valve principle. By simply turning a spindle, a precise gap is opened, the size and length of which determine the flow cross-section. The valve position can be read off a scale and can be set reproducibly.

Gas control valves: Precise control using modern technology

Gas control valves are sophisticated motor-driven metering valves or proportional valves. Here, the valve opening size increases continuously with increasing coil current until the maximum opening is reached. Control valves are either controlled by control units or directly actuated by external controllers. They are used in automated processes for precise control of pressure or flow rate.