Calibration Service

The quality of each production process depends on the accurate control of measuring instruments. Chapter 7.6 of the quality management standard ISO 9001:2008 requires the control of monitoring and measuring instruments. Accordingly, all measuring instruments must be regularly calibrated against to standards that are traceable to national or international standards.

Employees in the calibration laboratory

Our service for you

After you submit your product, we will first check that it works properly and then calibrate it in accordance with ISO/TS 3567. As an alternative to this factory calibration, we can also carry out higher-rated DAkkS calibration. In both cases you will receive a calibration certificate documenting the test conditions and the discrepancies detected.

Your advantages

  • Professional calibration of vacuum gauges and helium test leaks

  • Factory calibration according to ISO/TS 3567 or DAkkS calibration

  • Documentation through calibration certificate

If you perform a large number of calibrations on a regular basis, it might be worth purchasing your own calibration pumping station for vacuum measuring equipment. This will allow you to independently perform factory calibration, and all you will need to do is send us the reference vacuum gauge for regular DAkkS calibration.

Hierarchy of the calibration chain (decreasing accuracy)