Service Offer for Rotary Vane Pumps


Maintenance level 1

Replacement of the operating fluid
The operating fluid of a rotary vane pump has to fulfill a wide range of tasks under difficult conditions to assure proper pump operation. To ensure this succeeds on a continuous basis, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers the replacement of operating fluids at service level 1.

Maintenance level 2

Replacement of relevant wear parts
For cost-optimized maintenance, Pfeiffer Vacuum offers targeted replacement of wear parts on a rotary vane pump that are exposed to the highest demands. At this maintenance level, the pump is partially disassembled and cleaned. Level 2 maintenance also includes all the work included in service level 1.

Maintenance level 3

Replacement of all wear parts
At this service level, your rotary vane pump is restored to the status of all technical specifications. In the maintenance process, the pump is completely disassembled and cleaned, and wear parts are inspected and replaced. After a final test, you will receive your rotary vane pump with a 12-month Pfeiffer Vacuum warranty on the service work that was performed.


Exchange service

Maintenance exchange

  • Pre-delivery of a revised product in exchange for your running unit to be serviced.

  • Minimization of machine downtime in case of maintenance

  • The delivered product is technically up-to-date and has a full 12-month warranty

Standard exchange

  • Pre-delivery of a revised product (technically state-of-the-art) against your defective device

  • Minimization of machine downtime in case of damage

  • The delivered product is technically up to date and has a full 12 months warranty.

Additional services

In case of damage

  • Repair and maintenance in service centers

  • On-site repair and maintenance by our service technicians

  • Troubleshooting and advice from our technical support team

Original spare parts

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum spare parts and tools are already defined during product development.

  • Accuracy of fit and quality are assured.

  • Every improvement to our products is transferred to the spare parts

  • Products are again at the cutting edge of our development after Level 3 maintenance or repair


  • Certified decontamination according to the latest standards

  • Execution in compliance with all legal requirements

Installation / commissioning

  • Support during installation and commissioning

  • Instruction by our service technicians

  • On-site service for leak detection and gas analysis

Telephone / remote support

  • Technical product specialists as direct contacts

  • Error analysis

  • Application support

Utility film

On our utility film portal you can find films and documents for servicing Pfeiffer Vacuum products. You can also find other information and tutorial videos for our products and pumps.

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