As a technology leader, we are one of the major driving forces for the innovations and megatrends of the future.


Growth driver


Growth driver Life-Science

Our vacuum solutions are used in medical research and development as well as in the pharmaceutical industry and for doping or drug testing.



Security as a
growth driver


Security as a growth driver

Vacuum technology is a fundamental component of all systems used to protect our security.



Energy as a
growth driver


Energy as a growth driver

An ever-increasing demand for energy combined with the growing relevance of climate and environmental protection ensures that the demand for renewable energies is higher than ever before. Vacuum technology is essential for its generation.



Materials as a
growth driver


Materials as a growth driver

It is important for countless production processes and a wide variety of end products to know the exact properties of the materials used. This is why the materials used in manufacturing processes are precisely defined. To do so, vacuum technology is used.



Digitalization as
a growth driver


Digitalization as a growth driver

Smartphone, laptop, tablet, LED screens, touchscreens, foldable displays - digital end devices have become an integral part of our everyday life. For their production, vacuum technology is needed.



Mobility as a
growth driver


Mobility as a growth driver

In our fast-moving world, mobility is becoming increasingly important. Vacuum technology is indispensable to enable us to travel fast and flexibly. Our products are used, for example, in electron beam welding or in the automotive industry.



Displays as a
growth driver:
3D technology


Displays as a growth driver: resolution, 3D technology

3D films on home TVs, foldable smartphone displays, augmented and virtual reality technologies – screens and displays are facing ever growing demands. In order to meet these, vacuum technology is required.


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Growth driver

Many of our turbopumps and diaphragm pumps, for example, as well as mass spectrometers and measuring instruments are used in ion beam therapy systems to treat cancer tumors with very high precision and effectiveness.
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Special test systems are used to check drug packaging for leaks: Only an excellent seal can guarantee the quality of sterile products and sensitive drugs.
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To analyze doping samples, not only our mass spectrometers but also our HiPace turbopumps and our rotary vane and diaphragm pumps are used.
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Growth driver

Applications increasingly require analytical systems that are easy to transport and are suitable for mobile use. Mobile gas analysis, mass spectrometry and leak detection are used, for example, for investigating pollution caused by road and air traffic, for analyzing the quality of water, for detecting explosives and toxins at airports, and for mobile analysis of respiratory gases.
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Growth driver

As a consequence, the demand for improved technologies in the field of energy storage, especially with regard to regenerative energies, is ever rising. The short-term storage of energy has shortly been revolutionized by an innovative technology: mechanical flywheel energy storages
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Our vacuum solutions are also used in the manufacture of power transformers, which are needed to transmit energy from power plants or public supply networks to end users.
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Growth driver

Properties that are determined include the density, particle size distribution, porosity, pore size distribution as well as the specific surface area or the reactivity of catalysts. In order to analyze these and many other material properties, it requires reliable, highly accurate measuring instruments
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Growth driver

The digitalization of our society will intensify and advance at an increasing rate over the coming years.

Every digital device is manufactured using vacuum technology: the electronic semiconductor components used are manufactured under cleanroom conditions in a vacuum. Our products are used at all levels of modern semiconductor production facilities, or fabs.

Growth driver

Electromobility is one of the most important megatrends of our time. In times of climate change and conserving the environment, sustainable means of transport are becoming increasingly important.

Due to their very high energy density, lithium-ion batteries are mainly used to power electric vehicles. They are manufactured using Pfeiffer Vacuum Roots pumps, screw pumps and leak testing equipment.

Growth driver

In order to meet the challenges placed on displays in terms of resolution and presentation, increasingly precise, highly sophisticated coating technologies are used, all of which require vacuum technology.

The semiconductor components required for the production of these technologies are also manufactured in a cleanroom under high and ultra-high vacuum conditions.


The turbo for our customers

In 1958, Pfeiffer Vacuum invented the turbo molecular pump, which became a generic term in the entire vacuum industry as turbopump. Today, it is the technological standard for generating high and ultra-high vacuum conditions up to 10-11 mbar. Our portfolio comprises turbopumps with pumping speeds between 10 and 2,700 l/s that convince with high performance, reliability, efficiency and highest security standards.

Turbopumps by Pfeiffer Vacuum
Functional principle of the turbopump

Mass spectrometers

Mass spectrometry at the highest level

With our comprehensive portfolio of measurement and analysis equipment, we offer our customers always the matching solution for the gas analysis in their vacuum processes from atmospheric up to ultra-high vacuum pressure ranges. The basis of our analytical equipment is the quadrupole mass spectrometer PrismaPro, with which the mass of atoms and molecules in the vacuum process can be measured. It does not only display the particular partial pressures of the chemical compound but also monitors the total pressure.

Pfeiffer Vacuum mass spectrometers
Functional principle of mass spectrometers

Diaphragm pumps

The clean backing pumps

Diaphragm pumps operate oil-free and do not generate particles. These features make them the optimal solution for vacuum generation in applications that require a clean, dry vacuum. Especially for the ever smaller analysis systems and turbo pumping stations, diaphragm pumps are very well-suited thanks to their compactness as they can easily be integrated into existing systems. Pfeiffer Vacuum also offers a DC version of its diaphragm pump.

Diaphragm pump from Pfeiffer Vacuum
Functional principle of the diaphragm pump

Rotary vane pumps

The all-rounder in rough and fine vacuum

Rotary vane pumps are the most frequently used vacuum solutions for generating rough and fine vacuum conditions. They can be applied individually or in combination with a turbopump and stand out for their long lifetime. Our product portfolio includes solutions for pumping speeds between 1,25 and 1,600 m3/h as well as single- and two-stage- versions.

Rotary vane pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum
Functional principle of rotary vane pumps

Gas analysis

Complete solutions for gas analysis

With our complete solutions for gas analysis, we offer our customers efficient, intelligent and easy-to-use tools for gas analysis at atmospheric pressures. They are equipped with an intelligent software and allow the exact measurement of the mass-to-charge ratio of the gas components in the different fields of application. Our solutions are used, for example, in chemical processes, in the semiconductor industry, in freeze-drying or for environmental analyses.

Gas analysis equipment from Pfeiffer Vacuum
Gas analysis systems from Pfeiffer Vacuum in use

Contamination management

Increasing the yield

Contamination management systems allow the detection and minimization of contamination in the production processes of highly sensitive products. This makes it possible to increase the yield. Different versions of the contamination management systems from Pfeiffer Vacuum are available for various customer demands.

Contamination management from Pfeiffer Vacuum
Contamination management with the APA
Contamination management with the APR
Contamination management with the ADPC

Roots pumps

High-performance pump HiLobe

Pfeiffer Vacuum sets new standards with the high performance HiLobe Roots pump. The innovative vacuum pumps are ideal for many low and medium vacuum applications: They are used, for example, in electron beam welding, in vacuum furnaces or in freeze-drying as well as in leak detection and coating systems. They have short pump down times and are high-performant as well as energy efficient. The intelligent interface technology of the HiLobe allows very good adaptation and monitoring of the processes.

By integrating such condition monitoring, information about the condition of the vacuum system is always available. In addition, condition monitoring increases system availability allowing users to plan maintenance and repair measures in a useful and anticipatory way and prevent cost-intensive production downtimes. These advantages lead to a long service life and maximum operational safety. The HiLobe pump reflects Pfeiffer Vacuum´s strategic approach in terms of the product portfolio: The focus is on the development of innovative, high-quality products that fulfill the demands of the future customer applications and moreover work efficiently as well as reliably.

The digitalization of the product portfolio is another, very important strategic approach that has been successfully implemented in the HiLobe series: Pfeiffer Vacuum´s product portfolio of tomorrow is smart.

Roots pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum
HiLobe Roots pump

Multi-stage Roots pumps

Solutions for clean vacuum

Many of our customers from different fields need clean, oil-free vacuum for their applications. This demand is especially set in particle accelerators, in freeze-drying as well as in the semiconductor and coating industry. The multi-stage Roots technology is the optimal solution. With our broad portfolio, we offer a large selection for various customer requirements.

Multi-stage Roots pumps from Pfeiffer Vacuum
Functional principle of the A4 series
Functional principle of the ACP

Leak detector

Solutions for all leaks

The comprehensive leak detector portfolio from Pfeiffer Vacuum offers the right solution for various customer demands: Portable leak detectors for mobile on-site leak detection, compact detectors – optionally available with a special trolley – for stationary applications, high performance detectors with helium as test gas for applications with short cycle times or highly sensitive leak detectors for medical applications or research and development.

Leak detectors from Pfeiffer Vacuum
ASM 390

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