Leak Detection on Mobile Devices

Smart device leak testing is very critical for today’s consumer expectations of device reliability in all environments. IP67/68 rating is becoming an expectation for all smart handheld and wearable devices. These tests can be done at component and full assembly levels. Sub Component testing includes many items such as microphones, speakers, ePTFE Membranes or barometric vents and batteries.

Smart watch
Smart watch

Action camera
Action camera

Application requirements

  • Medium sensitivity air leak testing for IP67/68 testing of ports and vents
  • High sensitivity air and Helium leak testing of batteries
  • Custom design and programming of water and gas management systems for port and vent testing

Ingress protection:
IP67/68 testing includes testing for water ingress, air seal and air flow. Water ingress testing includes measuring water moisture passing through membranes or seals on the device. Air seal testing is measuring air leaking through the UUT (unit under test) when various pressures are applied. Air flow testing is used for components and specifications using ePTFE membranes as barometric vents. These components are tested in combination with water ingress to ensure they pass air at a specified air flow rate but do not pass water.

table IP 68 proctection classes

Battery leak testing:
Smart device batteries are also rigorously leak tested because any battery failures can have very dangerous consequences. Depending on the design of the battery and defect specification of the battery two testing options can be provided; Helium and Mass Extraction leak testing.

Solutions portfolio
Pfeiffer Vacuum can provide expertise and experience in all of types of smart device testing. ATC and Pfeiffer Vacuum leak detection technology coupled with our vast experience and expertise in creating custom leak testing systems engineered and optimized for SMART device leak testing has repeatedly provided shorter test times and higher repeatability compared to any competitors solution.

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