Portable Mass spectrometer

In times of permanent monitoring and analysis of the environment in order to detect possible negative influences for humans at an early stage, it is of great importance to take and analyze environmental samples quickly and easily. One of the greatest inventions for carrying out analyses directly on site is portable mass spectrometry. This reduces or eliminates the time and resources needed to transport samples from the field to the analysis laboratory. This effectively brings the chemical laboratory to the sample and eliminates the need for sample transport.

Application requirements

  • Low weight
  • Small dimension
  • High shock resistance

How does it work?
Portable mass spectrometers (portable MS) use basically the same techniques as laboratory mass spectrometers. The difference lies in the size of the devices. Portable mass spectrometer have much smaller dimensions and are much simpler. But the resolution of portable devices can be worse. Therefore you have to decide how accurate the measurement results have to be if you want to use portable devices. But for many applications the resolution of the portable mass spectrometer is absolutely sufficient.

Portable mass spectrometer systems are e.g. used in the fields of application:

  • Detection of toxic substances in smoke -> for example forest fire, industrial fire, landfill fire
  • Security and safety , to find explosives and drugs in bus stations, train stations, airports or football stadiums
  • For the detection of leaks or gases in industrial areas, especially in the petrochemical industry -> for example to detect cracks or leaks in pipelines
  • To detect out coming gases in different areas -> for example volcanic gases, fracking

Product portfolio
Pfeiffer Vacuum can offer you the whole vacuum solution for your portable Mass spectrometer. We can provide you our small turbopump HiPace 10 together with a small backing pump, like MVP 010. To control the pressure of your system, you can choose between different gauges from Pfeiffer Vacuum. We can also offer you our PrismaPro mass spectrometer as your mass analyzer. All of these products can be communicate with each other with our RS-485 interface.

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