Leak Detection Manufacturer

Global warming, climate change, the greenhouse effect - our modern industrialized lifestyle has a tremendous impact on the environment. As a result, environmental regulations for industrial companies are getting tougher all the time: Emissions of harmful gases and liquids need to be reduced, and the harmful impact of refrigerants, waste gases and propellants must be minimized. In view of this, industry requirements specifying the leak tightness of components have steadily grown during recent years.

Leak tightness testing – known as leak detection - is indispensable for meeting leak tightness specifications, as companies can only achieve this by using a wide range of leak detection methods.

Application requirements

  • Compact design
  • High reliability
  • Shock resistant

Pfeiffer Vacuum is your partner for leak detection solutions for your specific applications. In addition, Pfeiffer Vacuum supports you in building your own leak detection equipment and can offer you customized vacuum solutions. The core product of the vacuum system is the turbopump, which we can customize to meet your specific requirements. Our calculation and design skills ensure a complete solution for your system. In addition to the turbopumps, backing pumps are also required for system operation. Depending on the field of application, rotary vane pumps or dry solutions such as diaphragm pumps or our new development HiScroll are used here. Pfeiffer Vacuum also offers a wide range of pressure measurement devices for your system and solutions. Several interfaces are available to ensure proper connections between the different Pfeiffer Vacuum products with only one controller for all devices.

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