Feasibility Study: An Unexpected Journey Through Leak Testing

1h 00m

Join us on a journey to select the right leak test and take part in a quiz to win an online training about leak detection!

What is the webinar about?

​Production planning for an item always involves making decisions about one or more leak tests in the process chain. These decisions are complex and include the selection of the test method, the test medium, the test parameters, and the estimation of the time and cost budget for the measurement. Application measurements in a well-equipped laboratory are of great value for decision making or experimental confirmation of the decisions made. 

During this webinar we will 

  • Walk through the workflow of an application measurement from customer request to experimental report.  

  • Illustrate the practical implementation of an application measurement using a real application example. 

  • Demonstrate Pfeiffer Vacuum's global application measurement capabilities. 

Take 45 minutes and start with the leak test requirements of a product. Our journey will take us from the theoretical consideration of all important parameters to application measurements and implementation in a production process. Whether you work in product or process development, are responsible for production or quality, or are simply interested in the practical implementation of leak testing, this webinar will give you new insights into the field of leak testing and provide you with implementation potential for your own tasks.

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Dennis HarderMarket Manager Industrial Leak Testing

Dr. Rudolf KonwitschnyLeak Detection Expert

Who should attend?

This webinar is beneficial for anyone - from no experience to detailed knowledge - who needs to implement, modify, or improve a leak detection process for a new product.