​​​Helium Spraying Demystified: Your Leak Test Questions Answered (in German language)

1h 00m

Learn more about best practice using a leak detector in a spray test of a vacuum system. Use of accessories and auxiliary pumps is demonstrated.

What is the webinar about?

​Is helium spraying still covered in fog for you?  

Leak testing of vacuum systems is a crucial process that goes beyond simply connecting a leak detector and spraying the system. Building on the intense exchange in our last webinar, we now dive deeper into the topic based on your feedback.  

In our updated webinar, we will respond to your input and discuss practical topics such as spray gun adjustment, working with auxiliary pumps, and making effective use of turbo pumps during leak testing. We will also clarify how to measure and interpret the results of leak testing. 

Unravel the methodology by joining our experts as they showcase their best practices: 

  • Preparing and calibrating the leak detector 

  • Checking the correct functionality of the leak detector and accessories 

  • Proven techniques in handling the helium leak detector 

  • Working with auxiliary pumps and their effect on response time and background signal 

We hope to see you there!


Dr. Rudolf KonwitschnyLeak Detection Expert

Dr. Viola SchäferMarket Manager R & D

Who should attend?

​​​​This webinar is intended for anyone interested in the helium spraying leak detection method: Technicians, PhD students, quality engineers, industrial engineers, QA managers and students.​